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I never knew…

4 September 2007

…it would all be so hard.

I thought I was good after saying goodbye and trying to be the tough one who didn’t cry. But, then I was left alone at the airport and I was a mess. I had tears streaming down my face and couldn’t make them stop. Of course, my flight was delayed an hour so everyone was probably looking at me the entire time wondering what on Earth I could be so sad about. Then, while TRYING to sleep on the plane, I would wake up, and yes, start crying. I got into my hostel, opened my bag to see the shirt Mikayla made for me and, yup, tears again. Emails, this post…I just can’t seem to stop. But, they are good tears. Definitely due to me missing everyone ALREADY, but mixed with a bit of excitement about what lies ahead. And, maybe a touch of “what did I get myself into?”


I’ve made it into London. The flight went fairly well, considering the seats were extremely uncomfortable and I couldn’t sleep a wink. I looked a mess as I got off the plane. Of course, eight hours in a cramped spot and a lot of tears doesn’t really do anyone any good. But, I found the tube (before the strike!) and made it to my hostel.

My first day, I was kind of a dud. Luckily, another woman checked in the same time I did and she is much better versed in London than I so she showed me the ropes. We walked around this area, she took me to a grocery store (another experience in its own) and we bought a nice dinner which we ate on the rooftop of our hostel. I was absolutely exhausted and crashed at 8pm my first night in town!

But, I am up and ready to go (as I should after about 11hours of sleep). I am so near Hyde Park, I am going to check out that area and then work my way to the West End which is apparently where all the real touristy things are. I look like such an idiot with my bags and maps, but I guess that comes with the territory :)

I hope to have pics and a better update soon!

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  1. tokioismydog permalink
    4 September 2007 9:38 am

    Suck it up crybaby. Glad to hear you made it okay. Eat a deep fried Mars bar for me….I know those Limeys are all about gross things like that. j/k I think its Snickers bars not Mars bars.

    Love Justino.

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