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BBC World News

3 October 2007

I am not sure I could have more random posts.  Seems they are either about the food I eat or the food I wish I was eating or the food I can’t wait to cook when I get my own place (that would be the veggies I have so often commented on).  So, we know I like food.  What do I like other than food?  Television.

I have flipped through the TV here from time to time.  I am keen on finding the cartoons in the morning in an effort to learn with little Czech children how to say the most basic things in Czech.  I am currently working on my numbers: jedno (yed-no), dva (du-va), třy (‘tree’ but with a rz sound at the ‘t’), čtyři (this is like ‘stir-gee’ somehow), pét (pi-et)… that is all I know.  And, I had to cheat to spell them correctly.

As you might guess, it has been a difficult language to learn as I have now been here for a month can’t count to 10.  Yet, I continue to flip through the channels in hopes of finding something that I KNOW so I can watch it and pick up the language.  You would not believe what shows are being sent here and translated into Czech.

I was flipping through one morning and found  Kojak. There seemed to be a small love affair with Peter Sellars…is he Czech?  I never watched Kojak in English so I didn’t waste my time watching it in Czech.  But, I found better as I surfed through in the days since then:

M.A.S.H. –Never watched this one much either, but I could follow the storyline from watching, not from listening…

Step-by-Step –Remember this show?! Patrick Duffy’s best work! Kody, the big doopey guy was so much funnier in Czech! Sadly, I sat and watched this one.  I figured it was dumbed down to my level, but apparently I am way dumb as I didn’t have a clue as to what anyone was saying.

The O.C. –Really.  The O.C.  What these people must think of us from watching this show.  Marissa was still alive, so they must be a few seasons behind, but since I missed it in the States, I am trying to catch up on it here.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
–This movie was on in English sound and subtitled in Czech.  A few words looked familiar.  However, I spent the entire time trying to figure out what was going on plot-wise and not paying much attention to the translation.  The plot of this movie is just about as simple as the Czech language.  The only thing that was in English and I think I understood it the least!

Ber Nero Deber –Can you guess?  Has to do with numbers.  I sat watching thinking this would be perfect to learn the numbers 1-25, and the words banker, open the case, deal, no deal…  It wasn’t quite as annoying as it was with Howie, but still intense.  Here the top case holds something like 5,000,000,00,000 Kc, but when you convert that to dollars it is only like $50.  Not as exciting.

So, when I am worn out from my television Czech lessons, I turn on the satellite connection I have (yes, the one good thing about the hotel I am in) and get my daily news from BBC World News.

I just want to check in with you all and make sure things are ok, because all they tell me is how the dollar is at its weakest point, the stock market is bombing, the housing market has imploded on itself, our President has done something stupid…again. I am wondering if they don’t like us much?  They do do a sports update.  I sit and wait for the football update to see if I am still in Max’s Survivor Pool but all these Brit’s talk about is their precious football, not ours.  The Rockies did make the news, however, for winning the nail-biting wild card game.  I only saw a snipet, but I thought it was cool that Colorado made the BBC cut!

I hope all is well in the States.  Apparently, the BBC News is my only connection.  If all your housing falls through and the dollar plumments, you are more than welcome to join me in Prague.  I may find myself in the same situation this weekend as I continue to be jobless and homeless when this course is over.  But, I am not worried.  I will find both soon and then I hope to finally start exploring Prague! (And, give you something more to read than my adventures in food and television as I probably could have told you about all this from home!)

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  1. Justino permalink
    3 October 2007 12:30 pm

    kojak? Telly Savalas? PLAYERS CLUB BABY!!!! Or are you think of the OG pink panther? because that guy is awesome. Rent “the party” great movie.

    I hope you are moving soon.

    hugs and kisses yo.


  2. 3 October 2007 8:00 pm

    I loved step by step! TGIF, right?

    Jeez, learning Czech sounds downright impossible.

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