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Still friggin’ homeless in Prague

9 October 2007

Ughg!  I haven’t yet even told you of the exciting news of graduating from TEFL with honors (nerdy, I know) or how I got a job with the school I wanted.  Both very exciting things as life as an English teacher abroad goes.  But, the main thing weighing on me now is my living situation.  Anna (my current and future roomie) and I are still homeless.  As we speak we are sitting in our hotel room trying to figure out this major component.   It really shouldn’t be this difficult.

The way things work here is you search through several websites for a flat.  We, of course, need one that is furnished and preferably with two separate bedrooms as it is common here for folks to share a room or to convert the living room into a bedroom.  We aren’t keen on doing either.  So, we found this place through a guy that did the same course we did and is now dabbling in real estate.   He pretty much didn’t do anything but show us 2 places and now we have to pay him 1 months rent for a commission.  I don’t even want to tell you what rent is (but, I will because it makes the story better: $1,000).

Yes, this is a lot to pay.  But, the place is super cute and has plenty of space.  We are just concerned now to not make enough on a teacher’s salary to pay for this place and save up for the things we really came here to do: TRAVEL!  Therefore, we are now looking for a third roomie.  We finally realized that we can’t be so spoiled and that we will have to make some sacrifices to travel.  Which really aren’t sacrifices at all we are coming to realize.

So, if anyone wants to come abroad, all you need is 8,000Kc a month and we have a place for you right in the heart of Prague and with two of the coolest people in this city.

And, if you can’t make it, we are now setting up a sponsorship in hopes of sustaining our lives here.  For a low rate of $42 a week you can help feed us.  We have decided to eat only the hot dogs off the cart in the city centers.  We will get our protein, carbs, and if we order ketchup, mustard and onions, our veggies.  Then we will be working 80hours a week to pay our rent and be too tired to spend money on the great Prague beer thus saving even  more money to travel.

This is so perfect.  It is going to be awesome.

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  1. 9 October 2007 8:46 pm

    congrats on the job and the honors! I’m sorry about the apartment though. Who knew Prague was so expensive!

    (PS my mom is going to see your sister to look at granite!)

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