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When did it turn into winter?

7 November 2007

It is cold here today.  Really, REALLY cold.  I missed the memo that said it was going to rain sideways and blow umbrellas inside out.  This kind of sucks.

I have been asking my students how the winter is going to be here.  Some say that it is going to be mild.  Some say it is going to be freezing.  And, some simply say, “I no understand what you saying.”

I am most concerned with the cobblestone hill that I walk down everyday to get to the tram.  If that thing is wet it is a hazard enough.  But, if it is wet AND frozen over?!  I am going to break a hip from slipping.  Yesterday, I stepped on a leaf in town and almost skated my way to a bruised tail bone.

And, then I wonder about the trams.  What happens if the tracks freeze over?  Will the tram slide backwards down the hill?  Or will it fishtail into a building after taking a turn?!  The drivers are already spastic as they stop and start causing everyone to stumble to maintain their grounding on it.  I have now become accustomed to positioning myself near the elderly so I can perhaps catch them as they come close to or actually do fall…and trust me, this happens a lot.  I sometimes wonder if the drivers of the tram see how many people they can get to eat it each day.

You see a lot (A LOT) of people walking around with crutches and canes and such.  I think I now understand that a majority of these folks are probably still recovering from an epic fall. With the cobblestone, these falls can really happen any time of year, but as the weather has changed, I can see that this is certain to happen more as it gets wetter and colder.

I am sure this will provide some entertainment, in the sick and twisted way you find it funny when someone else hurts themselves.  I just hope I am not the one that everyone else is laughing at!

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  1. 7 November 2007 3:28 pm

    I feel like just this week it became winter here too, but it doesn’t sound nearly as dangerous here! I hope you make it through the season with no serious injuries :)

  2. Anne permalink
    8 November 2007 6:05 pm

    I spent last winter in Moravia, in a town near Ostrava. It didn’t get cold at all. Neither did it snow. This was great as I had to walk to my classes every morning at 6.30. But my Czech friends hated it that they couldn’t go skiing.

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