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Speaking Serum

16 November 2007

I should have figured this one out long ago. It is really quite obvious. What is the one that that will get even the most hesitant person to talk up a storm?

Good ole pivo.

I believe I told you how I teach a group of soldiers twice a week. These are young guys at the university who are studying before offering 5-10 years service to the CR military. I have four guys: Jarda, Honza, and (can you guess the other two?) Young Pavel and Old Pavel (aka Pavel #3 and Pavel #4).

These guys are quite amazing. Each of them is an athlete as I have never seen. They practice judo, karate, tae kwon do, jujitsu, football (soccer), and even a little bit of ballroom dancing. And, these are the most fit guys I have ever seen.

While they may kick ass on the sports field, they certainly have work to do with their English. It is required that they take these courses, so they aren’t all there by choice, but they do have an exam to pass so they have to put in some effort. However, it is usually a process to get them to say the simplest things.

So, a colleague gave me some advice. Take them to the pub.

After only dos cervezas, these guys were telling me their entire life stories— in ENGLISH!

And, of course you want to know:

Jarda is 21. He is the dancer of the group- ballroom dancing. So he is this tall, good looking kid who does a perfect tango, but could karate chop you in the neck if provoked. He also seems to be quite infatuated with is new girlfriend as he asked me to mark him present next week so he could spend time with her instead of going to class. Said girlfriend is only 16!!

Young Pavel is 20. He is quite shy but incredibly funny when he does talk. The bar had a music television channel on and we were talking about music and he tells me he likes to listen to American oldies- Elvis, Billie Holiday. Then, I kid you not- (I think the CR gets all Americas reject music)- David Hasselhoff’s music video of “Jump in My Car” came on and Young Pavel sang every word. Have you seen this video? I hate to subject you to such a horrible scene of Hasselhoff shaking his hips, but it is so bad it is funny.

Old Pavel is 27- which makes me not like that we call him OLD Pavel. But, nonetheless…He just started this program and is in the first year with these guys. He is also quite shy but he and Young Pavel are a riot when they are together. Old Pavel speaks the least amount of English and all the guys give him hell for it. I don’t have much to say about him until I can teach him a larger vocabulary.

And, Honza- Honza was in training so he didn’t make it.

The guys were great and told me all about their lives, their girlfriends, all the swear words and slang they know, all the swear words and slang they WANT to know, and more. They even convinced me to bring them back to the pub on Monday for 14Kc pivo. (that is about $.70 pints!)

If it gets them to talk, who am I to say no?!

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  1. 17 November 2007 10:45 am

    Why is everyone named Pavel?? Lele, I think you sound like a really great and fun teacher. I am sure your students love you!

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