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31 December 2007

After spending five days in Budapest, we figured it was time to move on. The boys had to be back in Prague by the following day so they could have their broken window replaced before the Toyota dealership in Prague closed down for the holidays. The initial plan was to hit up Bratislava for a night and then go into Vienna (or vice versa) for a night.

However, as everyone in Budapest persuaded the boys to stay another day, and then another, they also told us that Bratislava was only worth stopping in for a sandwich- that we shouldn’t spend money on a hotel room for a night because there wouldn’t be much to do.

I have heard little about the main city of Slovakia from a couple of my students who had gone there on business so I was a bit ambivalent towards it all. What I had really wanted was to go to Vienna.

But, that idea was nixed as quickly as we mistakenly crossed the Austrian border back into Slovakia.

So, we found the main center of Bratislava and decided to go for a sandwich.

Yup, as exciting as it looks.

Slovakia, as should be obvious since they were once joined, was very similar to the Czech Republic. I could recognize the signs and some of the words even though Slovak and Czech are now considered different languages. The main difference was how quiet it was. Not many people were out on the streets as you see here in Prague. Although, I guess I don’t hear much about people taking off for an exotic trip to the capital of Slovakia.

But, they had a Christmas market all the same and that is where we went to have a lovely chicken sandwich. I snapped about five pictures (as proof that I was there) and then the four of us looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders, and hopped back in the cars and headed for Prague.

Last Christmas tree you will see on my blog until Christmas 2008.
Bratislava style of course.
Surely I am not being fair to this little city. I know many people live there and many others probably love visiting. But, in the grand 45 minutes that I was there it didn’t do much for me. But, I am willing to give it another chance!

Well, that pretty much wraps up TWBR tour for me. The boys then came to Prague and stayed for about 3 nights and we continued to do Prague-ish things that I have told you about from the start so I won’t bore you with that.

I can say, however, that I am so grateful to have taken part in their journey. After reconnecting with Steve about a year ago when we were both in Denver, I could see the excitement in his eyes about what he was about to do.  So, I was stoked to be able to witness all that goes into planning and making a journey like theirs as they passed through Eastern Europe.  And, trust me, it takes a lot.

Not only is there planning what routes to take, figuring out what countries require visas or letters of invitation, deciding on the safest paths through the African Congo or other war torn areas, and updating with sponsors and followers of their journey, but these guys have been on the road for almost an entire year.

That means they have: A) Been inseparable since they left on their journey- spending every day and night together, B) Living out of their trucks…and there is a nice smell to prove that, C) Been away from family and friends who are certainly worried sick as they navigate Mongolia with only binoculars and a compass, but most importantly, D) Changing their lives everyday with new experiences. Some of the stories they told me about were unbelievable- things you only expect to read in a children’s novel or in National Geographic. Not only have these guys seen it all, but they are living it. Everyday.

Coolest part about this, is they are only half way through. I am sure the best is yet to come!


It’s New Year’s Eve. I think anyone who traveled anywhere for New Year’s is here in Prague. This city is loaded with people and tonight is sure to be crazy.

Wherever you are, be safe and have a fantastic New Years!

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  1. 29 January 2008 9:49 am

    Thanks for your post! I am going to travel to Bratislava from Vienna and it’s nice to read you experience. :-)

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