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Option 3: Algarve, Portugal

21 January 2008

Where: If I can’t make it to Spain, perhaps I will travel to her lovely little neighbor, Portugal.

Why: I am set on finding my way back into yoga and have found several retreats/yoga teacher trainings here that would fit into my time-frame, get me close to Spain, and be more affordable than the one I mentioned in Bali.

Here are two I am looking at if you are interested in seeing what they offer at these retreats: Frog Lotus Yoga and Yoga with Neo.

When: The courses here start in late June so I would have time to finish my contract in Prague and save a bit before going…sounds good, right?

Once again, pics stolen from the net: the yoga one from Frog Lotus and the others from Algarve, Portugal’s tourism site.

Pros: Once again, yoga in a warm, amazing, tropical setting. A bit of the Spanish/Latin culture. Oh, and it is all beach side!

Cons: I think the only cons in any of my proposed destinations are monetary limitations. I am not going to pick a place that sucks…obviously!

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