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Palác Lucerna

17 February 2008

Of all the places to work in Prague, Palác Lucerna definitely has to be one of the coolest.  It is in the center of town and one of the major tour attractions here.  But, with a piece of artwork like this:

And, modern technological advance in lifts such as this one that I ride every day to my office which really isn’t all that fast:


FYI- A person walking up the stairs usually crosses paths with the person in the lift at every floor.  And, no, it doesn’t stop.  You have to jump on and off at the right moment.  And, sometimes it gets stopped and you have to pull yourself out so you aren’t’ sitting in this bucket for 30 minutes as people walk by and laugh at you.

But, these two things are not nearly the coolest aspects of  Palác Lucerna.  The ‘lantern passage’ was built by the grandfather of the former Czech president Václav Havel in the early 1900’s and holds restaurants, boutiques, a cinema, bars, a large dance hall and the Lucerna Music Bar, among other things (like my language school and other offices).

Everyday there is something going on in  Palác Lucerna and one can see high school kids preparing for their ball in the dance hall, bands dragging in their music equipment to the concert hall, photo shoots with some Czech celebrity on the marble staircases, and always a line outside of Lucerna Music Bar.

For months I have walked past this place and never gone in, but as one of our good friends is leaving us to return to the States, last night we decided to go dancing and Lucerna was the place to be for it was 80’s/90’s night.

I have totally found my new favorite place to be.  Such a cool atmosphere with some beautiful people and some really great music with accompanying music videos projected on a screen about 50ft wide.


Popular with Czechs, it is a good mix of some locals with a few tourists.  The best seat in the house definitely has to be on up on the balcony where you can comfortably sit back, relive the horrible fashion and dance moves that were the 80’s on the giant screen, and realize what you might look like if you yourself were down dancing with all these other drunkards sporadically shaking their hips and waving their arms in the air as they scream sing a song with words they don’t actually know.

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