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The comforts of home…

25 February 2008

In the past week I have had to say goodbye to two of my TEFL colleagues.  Katrina has decided to move with her boyfriend to Portland and Alicia has taken a different route due to unfortunate circumstances here in Prague (one situation being the time she caught someone breaking into her flat as she was sleeping.)  I am quite sad to see them both go, but it turns out in the coming months I am going to have to say goodbye to even more of my colleagues who are leaving to pursue different avenues.  In the end, I think I will be one of the last standing here in Prague.  Who’d a thunk that?

But, all our going away dinners and nights out have lead to some interesting conversations about home.  While some of us can’t wait to go back, others can’t fathom what that would entail.  However, we can all discuss for hours what some of the first things we will do are when we get home:

-Eat real Mexican food.  Not the Czech-Mex served here (Salsa seems to be a mix of ketchup and barbecue sauce.)

-Drive.  Get in our own car and drive where we want, when we want, how fast we want, and by ourselves with our music blaring.

-Eavesdrop.  You don’t realize how much gossip you miss out on when it is spoken in a different language.

-Watch crap TV for hours  days and we won’t even mind the commercials!  We went to a pizzeria here for dinner that played British MTV and zoned in like zombies.  None of us have seen a TV in months.  It was hypnotic.

-Sit on a bench and people watch.  This city has great people to watch just no benches to do so from.

-Go to Target.  There was a point in my life where I couldn’t really stand Target, but it really is quite convenient to have everything you could need in one place.

-Open windows with screens.  Screens are non-existent here and as a result things tend to fall out of window- a green vase, for example- when you simple mean to use it is a prop to hold open the window for fresh air.  Things that fall out and smash on the ground below often result in a mini-heart attack for fear that you may have inadvertently killed an old woman walking her terrier.  On the other hand, fun stuff seems to come into open windows without screens.  Bugs are the obvious, but birds like to peek in too and if Bubba isn’t here to rescue these birds and release them back outside, I don’t know what to do.

These are just a random sampling of desires we have for when we return home at some point.  Of course, these come only after seeing our family and friends who told us they would come and visit but haven’t.

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  1. 27 February 2008 3:04 am

    do you have a trip home planned, or are any family members coming to visit? I would love to come! I will start saving my pennies, maybe for your next destination?

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