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29 February 2008

On what is actually a lovely drizzly, dreary Prague day, I am sitting in my school offices surrounded by some of my more interesting colleagues as I wait for the start of my next class.

To my left I have Ryan, a self proclaimed ‘gay-boy from Kentucky.’ Ryan epitomizes the Bohemian lifestyle offered here in Prague as he sits next to me rolling is own cigarette and talking of Indian folk music and sitar players I should give a listen to.

To his left is Kolin. Girl-Kolin. Not boy-Kolin. Kolin is from the States, although I don’t remember where, and is one of Ryan’s best friends. Yes, she is just as unique as he. Their conversation is about the social ramifications of reading Perez Hilton and how it is most certainly a site contrived by the government to distract our attention from the larger impending problems facing the US at the moment.

Sam, who hails from Colorado is sitting at the table behind me. He has just returned from visiting his parents who now live in Kula Lumpur. Sam has some gorgeous red hair which he styles in a sort of Flock-of-Seagulls style (an extreme part to one side with bangs much longer than the rest of his hair. Sounds bad, but I think he is probably the only person who could pull this off.)

Several of my Czech colleagues are in here as well. They are kind enough to let us practice our horrible Czech on them and answer questions such as, “When Czechs are broke in the CR, do they take there stuff to the bazaars and sell it for money?” or “Where do you think I could find some Nigerian roommates? Mine are moving and I want to keep the same cultural standards in my flat as before.”

Clearly, our Czech colleagues are amused by the absurdity of some of the questions we expect them to know the answers to.

Everyone in here is jabbering at a million miles a minute. Pulling together all their plans and hours to check out, planning lunch dates, deciding weekend plans.

Uh, now I am being invited to a gay bar this evening. I had better get going…who knows what I will get caught up in if I stay here much longer!

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