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How’s that for validation?

3 March 2008

In one of the most entertaining weekends since being in Prague, Anna and I met up with one of her good friend’s boyfriend’s mom and her friends as they were taking a week long girls’ trip through France and the Czech Republic.

Anna had met this woman only once before but she had contacted Anna for some advice and suggestions on how to get around Prague. In return for Anna’s expertise, this woman invited Anna (and me, as a result of association) to a river dinner cruise they planned to take this past Saturday.

Unfortunately, Saturday started off with a morning thunder and hail storm and ended up with winds and rain and as a result the cruise was canceled. But, Anna and I ended up taking them for an authentic Czech meal and out for some delicious Czech wine.

While we schooled them on drinking games, they educated us on the ways of the world as they know it. Ranging in age from 37 to 70+ we figured they had seen and done most everything.

While Mindy told us repeatedly and with much emphasis to NEVER marry (she did so, divorced, and swears to never do it again), Janet contradicted her and said we should marry every man we meet (she has done so four times).

Gail lives in Hawaii and with her sun-kissed faced she told us the best thing to do is to travel while we are young and then explained how her eight year old boy has seen and been to places much of the population never has.

Mary Ann and Debbie are bonded through their culinary connections. Three of Mary Ann’s six children are chefs like Debbie and both of them encouraged us to try every food once and to never skip a meal.

Nancy told us the best way to work was for ourselves and encouraged us to find our passion and follow it so that we can make our own schedules, be our own boss, and be 99.9% happy with our careers at all times.

And, Denise, the link to Anna, was our mother away from our mothers who offered to buy us dinner, gave us loving hugs, and invited us to stay with her and her family the next time we are in San Francisco.

These women made getting older look fun. They were all very smart, beautiful, funny and loving. Plus, they encouraged us to eat a lot, date lots, and assured us that we aren’t completely crazy for bailing out for a year or so on life to do what we are doing.

It helps to have a little validation when you are an ocean away from home!

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  1. 4 March 2008 5:05 am

    sounds like a really fun dinner! I love women like that…maybe we will be like that one day?

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