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10 March 2008

Recently my roomies and I have taken to playing games when we are between classes or while we are cooking dinner or when we would otherwise be watching a tv we do not own. I have taken a liking to the Facebook style Scrabble, re-learning how to play gin-rummy, and am trying to teach the girls cribbage although I don’t think they are keen on all the rules to remember.

Yesterday we went to find the tangible version of Scrabble. At the game kiosk the nice salesman told us he didn’t have many games in English, but did have one that was quite popular that had English instructions. He showed me some Spiderman something or other and while I am sure it is fun for the 8-10yr old boy population, we passed.

I did almost get suckered into buying UNO–with Czech numbers– and Czech Monopoly. They even have the Czech version of Life called život.


On another note: I now remember why I stopped playing cribbage online. This morning I signed into Yahoo Games for the first time in years for a friendly game or two of cribbage.  You typically play with some complete stranger on the other end of the internets.  Small talk is common. I said things like “hello,” “good game,” “ha ha sucker, I skunked you!” Things like that, which show what a gracious loser winner I am.  In return, I got some perv who sat on the computer looking to cyber it up with someone. I got responses like “hello to you!” or “I know another game we could play” or even “what else are you going to do to me?”

Way to ruin an innocent card game. Where is Chris Hansen when you need him?

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  1. 11 March 2008 1:59 am

    I’ll play cribbage with you! nobody except my dad knows how to play and I don’t see him much. I’ll play scrabulous too — gosh, we are nerds!

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