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Spring cleaning

11 March 2008

With the sun coming out more often to play, I feel I need to lighten up just the same.  It looks as if it is time to shed the matching sets of scarves, hats, gloves.  Leave the house with only one pair of socks, and maybe even leave behind the winter jackets.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave me with much else to wear.  I really don’t know what I was thinking when I packed to come here.

Oh, wait. I do remember.  I tried to cram EVERYTHING I owned into my bag and when I couldn’t get it to close with the help of Mikayla I whined to my mother for help.  Seeing as how I had waited until four hours before my plane was set to take off to pack, I don’t think she had much sympathy for my plight to take everything I owned with me.  She told me to get off of my suitcase, because no matter how I squashed it it wasn’t going to close, and then proceeded to take items out, hold them up, and toss them to the side telling me I could do with out my favorite CSU hoodie and 18 yoga outfits.  It was sad for me to leave somethings behind, but she told me I could always buy more stuff once I got to Prague.

In the end, she was right.  Moms always are.

But, yeah, so…I have no clothes.  Must go shopping.  That won’t be a problem.

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