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Cirque du Crazee

31 March 2008

Zoo one day and an urban circus the next.

You would not believe the characters I saw on the streets on Sunday. It quickly became a chain of incidents I would soon like to forget (not emblazon here forever) but I believe it is a part of major metropolitan city living (that I think may be distinctly Pragueish) that I simply must write about to entice you all to come and visit ASAP:

In the first circus ring, I was witness to a man, quite obviously homeless, who was hitching a nap on the tram. At the sign of the ticket controllers, the man was nudged awake by his friend/co-hort and stood up to exit. A bit dazed from his rude awakening, he stood staring at the open doors while his pants slowly slid off his skeletal frame revealing his lack of undergarments. Not so quickly or gracefully, he pulled his pants up revealing to all those behind him that he had obviously missed an opportunity to use the restroom.

Note to self: Look before you sit on the trams.

In the second act, I was walking along the street. One lady ahead of me, walking in my direction, caught my eye. Actually, her eyes caught my eye as they looked incredibly sad even from a distance of 20 feet. As we continued to walk towards one another I was thinking of what could make her so sad. Maybe her cat ran away. Or her son left for college. Or maybe they ran out of garlic at the shopping market… But, then, as we passed one another I noticed a stream of blood running down the side of her face coming from an open wound above her left temple. Her eyes were certainly sad, but not a trace of a tear, or a wrinkle of worry over the blow to the head she so obviously recently suffered.

Not 30 seconds after this, the closing act of the day, an elderly gentleman attempted to step on the walkway to get out of the line of the departing tram. As he was aware of the tram, it was not aware of him and began to take off. This clearly startled him and caused him to tumble to the ground, unable to remove his foot from the tracks. I ran to help him before the wheels of the tram ran his foot over, as a another man smacked the side of the tram to make it stop.  As that guy tried to un-stick the older guy’s foot, I grabbed his arm and hand in an attempt to help him up. Not a word was spoken by the older man who fell. As he was gently (and difficultly) placed back on his own two feet, he shook me off his arm/hand and began to shuffle away with about 2inches a step, murmuring something to himself, as if nothing at all had happened.

I was flabbergasted. I just stood there, mouth open, hands outstretched, looking like a moronic circus clown as I could not believe all that I had just seen…

As I wondered who was the ring leader of this circus in the streets of Prague unable to understand what could possibly be their intention in all of this mess I had seen.

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  1. 31 March 2008 9:31 pm

    do crazy things come in threes too?

  2. 1 April 2008 5:25 pm

    What a crazy life! Seems the citizens of Prague are a little ungrateful for all your helpfulness!

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