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Hard to Mac in Prague

3 April 2008

You would think that in an international, cosmo city such as Prague, Apple would have wormed its way in and dominated the computer market. But, no. They haven’t. There are only Apple resellers here with tiny shops that have all the goods locked up behind glass so one can’t go in and play with new gadgets and be tempted to spend hard earned crowns on a new iPod, or iPhone, or MacBook that I so badly want need want.

I had issues charging my Mac. My cord has been twisted and turned and downright ripped and I have no idea how. Looks like something gnawed at it to expose its innards and needless to say, my computer was dead. And, anyone who plays Scrabulous with me on Facebook knows how badly I need to have access to my Mac.

I went to buy a new power cord and am ashamed to have spent so much money on it for my almost four year old computer. But, I love me my Mac. And, my students love it too. I bring it to class and they get all giddy like I have brought them some bona fide American relic that they have never seen in person. All of them look, scared to touch it, and ask me all sorts of questions about it.

I tell them this is what I use to expose Prague to the world and tell everyone what funny things Czechs says…mwaa ha ha….

(Yes, I am bored.)

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  1. 3 April 2008 9:30 pm

    scrabulous! good game, by the way. I share your mac love — I just got an iphone yesterday! I’m totally drooling all over it.

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