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Bones, bones, bones

6 April 2008

We were off to Kuntá Hora this weekend, a small town about 65 Km East of Prague. By train it took about an hour and in no time we were in a “travel wonder of the Czech Republic” according to many that have been there before us.

The second we arrived, we noticed from the main train station that we were certainly not in a lively town.

As we walked to the main tourist attraction of this town, I looked for the Whistle Stop Cafe. If you had blinked while on the train, you could have easily breezed pass this stop. This town was tiny, a bit quaint in areas, but overall dead. Not a store was open (even cafés) and we saw maybe 5 people walking about.

It was when we reached the Sedlec Ossuary that we realized why the town was so very ‘dead…’

This is known by many as The Bone Church. A monastery that was redesigned in the late 1800’s by a wood carver who got creative with the remains of over 40,000 bodies that had been accumulated in the crypt. He decorated the place with a chandelier (pictured above), the family coat of arms (portion pictured below), crucifixes and more…all made from real human bones.

I had seen pictures from others who had been here and was told it is a place that one must go see while in the CR, but if I had to advise others, I would probably tell them to skip this trip as it wasn’t really all that exciting. A little creepy, but when you’ve seen one elaborate chandelier made from human bones, you’ve pretty much seen them all.

More pictures in the Flickr set on the right.

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  1. 6 April 2008 3:57 pm

    that is soooooooo creepy!

  2. 6 April 2008 8:26 pm

    Eeeewwww. But I might just want to see in person it to say I did.

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