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Knocking on wood

8 April 2008

Let’s see:

Drew’s purse was stolen. Loss of cards and ID that needed to be replaced.

Amanda and Julie’s flat was broken into while they were in it. Computer, jewelry, and clothes taken.

Alicia and Jen’s was too, but twice. Lost a paycheck’s worth of cash stashed between books.

Jen had money in her wallet before classes, then not so much after. Lost money for food for the month :)

Anna’s wallet was stolen last night at a grocery store…while she was paying for and sacking her groceries. Credit, debit, transport cards and money lost.


Can you believe all this? This isn’t a group of irresponsible girls. It is just that this is the type of crime that happens here in Prague. You run more of a risk of being pick-pocketed than you do being murdered here in Prague. Isn’t that a comforting fact?

The police really didn’t do anything in any of these situations. Granted, maybe there was nothing that would have come of it. But, making a report about it is better than nothing and in most of these cases, the police didn’t even bother to show up when called.

Bystanders, bosses, and landlords didn’t even seem to be that concerned. It is a general sense of apathy around here when something goes wrong. And, it is this apathy which probably breeds more of these problems. If someone was witness to another person swiping Anna’s wallet as she turned for a split second, or saw someone running out of Julie and Amanda’s apartment with an arm-full of things and does nothing…well, that must makes it easier for it to happen again, and again, and again.

Knocking on wood that I am not next.

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  1. megin permalink
    28 April 2008 7:04 pm

    Sounds like life in Aurora….ha

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