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10 April 2008

Know why I love Prague?

One can go out with their friends on a Wednesday night, sit in the recently opened beer gardens, and drink 16 beers together over the course of several hours in the warm evening air and only pay 383Kc.

(Even with the dollar at an all time low exchange ratio of 15.8KC to $1 that is approximately $24 or $1.50 per one glass of some of the best beer in the world.)

Know what annoys me about Prague?

The next morning, your apartment building can decide to shut off the water, without notice, leaving you unshowered and reeking of smoke for the first classes of the day.

I am sure my students think I am all sorts of classy.

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  1. 11 April 2008 8:37 am

    Ah, the joys! Wish booze was that inexpensive here! And how I do miss good microbrewery beer….

    (sorry about the water! – I’m sure you managed to look and smell divine – or at least cover it up well >^..^<)

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