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Numero 1 y 2

6 May 2008

Found this online.  Not so sure I would list Prague as No.1, but it is the only place I have taught, so it works for me.  And, since I am next looking to go to the number 2 destination, I figure I am on a roll.

Brazil sounds good.  Maybe I just need to work my way up, or down, the list!


Top 10 Places for Teaching English

10. Brazil

Brazil’s effort to internationalize yields many opportunities to teach English, in both business and traditional school settings.

9. Saudi Arabia

The Middle East is where you will find some of the highest paying jobs offered for native English speaking teachers. This is not for the faint of heart; you must be interested in life in the Middle East and well versed in cultural differences to appreciate the experience.

8. Italy

Cheap travel and fantastically inexpensive gourmet food are just some of the benefits of living in Italy.

7. Thailand

Thailand is as close as you get to paradise.

6. Japan

Asian nations are practically begging for English teachers and you can find work via the Internet quickly. Most recruit year round, and provide successful applicants with visa sponsorship, apartment, partially-paid national insurance, etc.

5. Russia

Old stereotypes of an economic system fueled by vodka and general lawlessness have made native English teachers scarce in Russia. The demand for teachers far exceeds the supply, making it easy to gain employment with the benefits of visa support, accommodations and often airfare reimbursement.

4. China

With great compensation packages including salary, apartment, visa sponsorship and sometimes airfare, China is becoming a popular choice for English teachers.

3. Mexico

If you’re looking for sun and comfort, Mexico is the place to be.

2. South Korea

Offering many perks such as airfare, housing, insurance benefits, decent salaries and a low cost of living, South Korea offers the ability to travel and make good money.

1. Czech Republic

Chosen for its idyllic location, amazing scenery, high demand and relative ease of entry, the Czech Republic—specifically Prague—is the traveler’s dream come true.

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  1. 6 May 2008 4:57 pm

    you lucky girl!

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