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THE MOST super(lative) week ever!

1 June 2008

A few weeks ago I found an article that stated the best place to teach English was in Prague. So, when Mom and Kayla came to visit, I had to show them why it was the best. And, that was easy:

We stayed at a hotel with the longest breakfast buffet table full of the most delicious foods:


We saw the creepiest babies crawling up and down the tallest TV tower (in Prague):


We climbed the tower on Petřin Hill to see the largest castle complex in the world lit up at night:


We rode the (3rd) longest escalator in Europe:

No, really, it is looooong. This was a major source of entertainment on our trip. Mom and Kayla were shocked at the height and speed of this escalator and commented on how people look as if they are sideways when traveling up or down this. I guess I forgot my initial sense of vertigo when I first traveled on one.


We played foosball at the biggest beer garden in Prague:


We fed the fattest pigeons in the world:


And, we clearly took the best self-portraits:


**These facts are declared only by Mom and Mikayla’s tour guide (ie. me) and are not the best researched and therefore may be slightly inaccurate. But, I am pretty sure I heard or read something about each one that is relatively similar to what I write here.

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