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3 June 2008

I’d like to tell you that we spent hours enjoying the picturesque landscapes, serene hiking trails, and towering Alps while in Slovenia but that would all be lies.

Actually, we only traveled about 50km through Slovenia on our way to and from Croatia. On the way down we stopped for ice-cream and on our way up we stopped for McDonald’s. A truly authentic experience.

The ice-cream stand- favorite to local Slovenians and traveling Coloradoans.

However, on the way back up through Slovenia, we got caught in a wicked traffic jam. It was smoking hot, we were thirsty and hungry, and starting to get grumpy. Just as we were starting our 18th bagillionth game of “I am going to the zoo and I am going to see an albino lizard, a boa constrictor, a calico cat….an underdeveloped unicorn” –OK, we were maybe stopped for 10 minutes– Anyway, while we were waiting in this long line of cars and trucks one man was slowly driving the opposite direction of everyone telling everyone to follow him (or so we gathered as it was in Slovenian and we didn’t understand a thing).

We had two options: one was to sit in this line that could potential be at standstill for hours, or follow this Slovenian like mindless sheep towards a forest on dirt roads. Always up for the adventure we took his detour and found our way around the mess with about 20 other followers. We decided that as long as we saw a couple Austrian license plates going our way we would surely be in the right direction. And, when we came out on the other end, we were in Maribor, Slovenia. Major roads, signs to Austria, and The Golden Arches….ba-da ba ba ba…I’m lovin’ it

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