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Wien Wien Wien

5 June 2008

Our last stop on our lovely road trip was in Vienna. Only 4 hours from Prague, I have heard about several of my friend’s journeys here, but had never made it myself and was anxious to see what it was all about.

This city is huuuge! I had no idea. I was expecting quiet little streets with Austrians in lederhosen singing carols and skipping about. But, this was a major metropolitan city (with some more great shops!).

Not quiet enough time to see it all here either, but we took a nice horse carriage ride that showed us what we needed to see. Vienna is awesome though…Austria takes the cake for most beautiful country I’ve seen yet.

A restaurant we ate at overlooked this square


We couldn’t see it well, so we sent Mikayla on a mission to check it out. WARNING: Do not let your children travel with us. We are keen on sending them through construction zones to scope out potential tourist hot spots.


Various buildings around town…They are pretty but I don’t really know much more than that.


Mikayla in front of the “Mikayla Building.”

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  1. 5 June 2008 3:43 pm

    ooooh those pictures are pretty!

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