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Summer Solstice

23 June 2008

I didn’t think that Prague was much further north than Denver, a measly 10°, but when the sun comes blaring through the windows at 5am and there is still light in the sky at 10pm, I know 10° must be more of a difference than it seems.

Saturday was the summer solstice and also the longest day of the year. We spent it outside at the United Islands of Prague music festival. All along the river there were different stages for international music acts for Praguers to enjoy. It was beautiful weather and despite the smell of urine coming from the countless males who felt it necessary to relieve themselves where ever they pleased, it was quite a nice place to be.




Sunday was an equally beautiful day and the roomies and I decided to go for a little hike at a nature reserve tucked into the middle of Prague. Venturing out to Divoká Šárka by metro and tram was a piece of cake, but finding our way around to the highest cliffs caught me winded at times. (Kiki, I have some serious training to do before we climb that 14er in August!) But, the views were worth it!


Especially when we caught a man in a thong (I love Europeans!) standing on one of the cliffs, arms outstretched as if he were welcoming the sun, joint hanging out the side of his mouth. We weren’t sure if he was going to start doing sun salutations or jump so we continued to watch. To our surprise he didn’t do either and instead, stripped down to the his bare nakedness and sprawled out to get a nice even tan.


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