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Czeched Out

26 June 2008

After a year of ‘lessons’ with some of the coolest Czechs evvvver, I completely realize how entirely grateful I am for having them as my guides through the city of Praha. They not only taught me about Czech life and culture, but shared with me some of their private secrets and thoughts that helped make this experience so much more enjoyable and unique.

However, as my time her winds down, I know that I will be leaving at the right time as some of our conversations have been stretched beyond anything resembling business English for the sake of filling time. You know it is time to check out of classes when your conversations turn to any of the following topics:

-Mushroom hunting in the forest. How to spot the edible mushrooms and how to stay clear of the dangerous ‘shrooms.

-The rearranging of offices in the bank I teach at. I don’t really care who is moving from the 3rd floor to the 4th floor or how that will affect communication between departments, but I now know where everyone is and how they enjoy their new space.

-Maternity leave. I have no children. I am not going to have any children for some time. And, when I do, I won’t have them here in the CR. So, why do I want to talk about how mothers here get THREE YEARS maternity leave?

-Tattoos. We even went as far as drawing designs

-Jiří Paroubek. Former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic and how he holds a striking resemblance to Mayor Quimby of The Simpsons.

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