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My life is ridiculous

17 July 2008

When the phrase, “Maybe we should pop into Rome on our way home,” comes out of your mouth, well…I think we can all agree that things have gotten out of control.

This past year of living in Europe has been insane. I have taken trips to England, Germany (x3), Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Holland, France, Ireland and today I leave for Italy. For a week. For relaxation.

I realized this was a bit ridiculous when I talked to my fam yesterday and told them that I am going on yet another ‘vacation’ while they work their asses off and also try to find time to help me get my documents ready for my next destination. It just doesn’t seem quite fair.

So, while I struggle with the decision to go to Pisa, Rome, or Florence know that I realize my life at this moment is absolutely ridiculous. I’ll be reminding myself of it as I step into the warm Mediterranean Sea after hours of lounging on the beaches at Cinque Terre.

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  1. 17 July 2008 3:31 pm

    Enjoy every minute of it! That’s one reason Europe is so wonderful – you can scoot off to the next fabulous location quicker than you can make the plans. Cinque Terre is divine!

    Best wishes for a relaxing holiday.

    XO Dish

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