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Pitiful. Just pitiful!

1 October 2008

The Koreans are unlike the Czechs in one very noticeable way.  They will stop you on the street and tell you just how “pitiful” you are.

I got this from the guy who picked me up from the airport, our colleagues at the elementary school, a random couple walking down the street, and some dude in a shoe shine hut.

Oh, but it isn’t all that bad because as it sounds like they are saying ‘pitiful’ they are really saying ‘beautiful.’

And, I just don’t see anything wrong with people stopping me in the street to tell me that.  No problem at all.

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  1. Lorenzo permalink
    1 October 2008 3:08 am

    Hey Lori,

    so you finally got there. Good to hear that and good luck!

    Raise a pivo to Prague!


  2. Megin permalink
    1 October 2008 9:17 am



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