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My humble abode.

5 October 2008

Photos of my apartment in Bucheon.  I am on the 8th floor of a 15 floor apart building in what I think would be the center of this town.  Yet, I haven’t found or seen a map of this place so I could be wrong.  Regardless of where it is located in the overall scheme of things, I know it is a money spot as there is a giant mall to the left, Starbucks to the right, and Dunken Donuts right down stairs (Dunken Donuts are big stuff here…this was taken in Seoul.  They are much more posh here than home.  They have servers and front patios for folks to enjoy their coronary cloggers.)


Oh, and yes, that guy is flipping me off!  Jerk.

Anyway, my flat:

Living room…another wonderful couch for you all to sleep on when you visit.


Kitchen.  Washing machine under the stove…a new orientation for me, but I think it will work.

My bedroom.  Almost as small as my room soph year in the Fort on Laporte Street.

The view from my flat window.  Lots going on here!

I can’t quite edit this properly and I have to go to my first day of classes, so I hope you get a glimpse of it.  From what I hear, it is pretty awesome.  Espeically the yellowness of it all!

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  1. 5 October 2008 2:31 pm

    Whoa – love all that “wood” paneling. Good luck in this new adventure. I hope you make it to Japan while you’re in Asia! I know it’s expensive but it’s very cool! Take care.

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