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로 ㄹㅣ

8 October 2008
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That’s my name in Korean.

I learned it the second day I was here and have been “wow”ing my students with it and the 3 Korean words I know all week.

(And, Justy:  It is not a mis-translation to “ROLI” but one to “LOLI.” They just don’t have an R sound in their language.)

Teaching has been wonderful.  Our first day they had an assembly for us. All the students lined up in front of the school in their respective classes and sang for Anna and I as we stood with our co-teachers, principal, and VP.

Since then there has been a cacophony of “Hello, Teacher!” coming from every student as we walk down the hall, go to the bathroom, or walk across the playground.  Smiles, waves, and hellos that were cute at first are now getting to sound a little like an alarm clock (ie…the most annoying sound in the world!)

But, they are precious little things.  They are smart too.  I do 40 minute sessions with classes.  The first classes were usually full of questions: “Where are you from?” “Do you have a boyfriend?”  “Do you like chicken?” “Do you have children?”  And my favorite:  “Where’s your mother?” like a concerned old woman might ask, not an 8 year old girl.

One thing I have noticed is that this job will require much more voice- and I am losing mine quickly.  With 40 students in a classroom, it takes a bit of umph to get their attention.

But, I think I will like this gig.  I get to play with children all day long—sing, dance, draw…answer silly questions.  I am sure it will only get better!

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