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Technology is King

8 October 2008

You would not imagine the technology that this place is all about.  In my elementary school, every single classroom is souped out with a huge flat screen TV, computer, and audio equimpent to help supplement the teacher in his or her plight to keep 40 8-13 year olds attentive.

They put up lyrics to songs that help the students learn, short videos during passing periods or lunch breaks, a microphone to increase volume of the meek teachers, and some are even interactive screens that teachers can write on like a chalk board.

It also seems that 90% of these kids have cell phones or MP3 players, which isn’t really all that different from home, but these phones and MP3 players are one step up from what one would give an elementary student to play with.

My flat has a security system that has a video screen to show us who is at our door when the bell rings and a keyless entry system.  Also, we were given a large Samsung TV, radio, and some sort of Kimchi/smelly fridge thing that neither of us have any idea how to work.

My favorite part however is the GPS systems seen in almost every car.  It is nearly impossible to find addresses in Korea as streets are rarely labeled so it must be that GPS is the only way to get around.  Taxis have them too.  And, I have noticed that more than not, the GPS system is set to satelite TV instead and all these cars are zooming around the streets with drivers who are watching crappy reality TV and not the road.

Still trying to compare prices though. Really wanting to get a Wii…

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  1. 9 October 2008 2:19 pm

    This is all very interesting to me! When I lived in Japan it seemed like the schools were very low tech compared to all the technology in the rest of the country. There was a big focus on rote memorization. I think it’s awesome you have so many great resources at your disposal.

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