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Corporal Punishment

14 October 2008

If you are teaching and a student just won’t shut her trap, it is perfectly okay to take a bamboo stick and smack her on the hand.

If two boys are messing around in the back of the classroom, feel free to take that stick and smack them on the shoulders AND then make them stand up in the back of their rooms holding their arms parallel to the ground until further notification.

And, If you are trying to teach a song and dance for a school festival and one of the students just can’t get the footing right, go ahead and smack him across the legs or behind with a stick…as many times as necessary…even if he starts to tear up…even if he wasn’t really doing all that bad…even if the main festival is one month away and there is plenty of time to practice…and even if it means embarrassing the heck out of a 5th grade boy in front of his friends…just smack him good because he is sure to get it right the next time.  

This behavior is accepted.  And, I have witnessed it all!

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  1. Kerry permalink
    17 October 2008 1:31 pm

    Hmmm…this must be why so many Korean people move to Chicago to study English and then do absolutely NOTHING that their teachers ask them to do (with a few exceptions) – they know their punishment won’t be any physical abuse!

  2. bob m iles permalink
    22 October 2008 1:42 am

    Don’t hit the kids on their shoulders — ALWAYS get the cane across their backsides
    it hurts more, and each time the kids sit they will remember it!

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