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점 심 (aka. juhm seem, aka. lunch)

15 October 2008

I am eating lunch at the school everyday.  That means Korean food everyday.  Cafeteria Korean food everyday.

If Korean food wasn’t scary enough on its own.

Today we were offered fried fish of some sort, some tempura (another fish of some sort), kimchi (hot and spicy pickled vegetables that these people eat like candy), rice (a staple at every meal), and some odd concoction of soup.

I decided it would be a good experience to eat at school everyday so that when I come home I can proudly proclaim, “I ate Korean food…all types of Korean food.”

BUT, on days like today, I want to yack.  Some of these foods are undistinguishable and it is hard to make it all go down.  Especially when there is a mix of meat.  A mix of meat that is quite possibly from the day before.  Think about school lunches anywhere.  Generally, they are pretty gross.  So mixing that concept with foreign food that I have never experienced before and the gag reflex may just be a little more sensitive.

But, I gracefully eat it and smile to the principal who explains to me that all the food is made fresh everyday.

Be glad you live in the land of Qdoba and Papa John’s.

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  1. Kerry permalink
    17 October 2008 1:38 pm

    I think home-made Korean food is a lot better. A couple of my Korean students brought in food today and it was soooooo good! Some kind of beef, pepper dish, and some delicious Korean pancakes with a cinnamon center. Some of my other students took another teacher and I out to an Asian buffet the other day, and their Korean food was definitely questionable, so I can only imagine what cafeteria food is like!

  2. 18 October 2008 3:43 am

    School lunch rooms have never enjoyed a high rating on a scale of one to ten. You’ve shown great courage or perhaps the hot veggies make the rest of the food seem palatable. I do prefer knowing the meat source. Do they serve Ketchup?

  3. Megin permalink
    24 October 2008 7:06 am

    I’m gonna go home and get the biggest, best qdoba burrito ever mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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