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Eat Your Kimchi

20 October 2008

So, after searching the Net for info on our ‘little’ town of Bucheon, I came across this site written by two Canadians who live and teach in the same city I live in.

First of all, I am going to give you their link and I hardly expect any of you to return here to read about Korean life because they have this down pat loaded with explanations of cultural differences, pictures of mis-translations, and videos of just about everything else and in between.

I realize that some of you (eh, parentals and aunties) may not find this funny, but it is so true.  You have to go to this site and read about drinking in Korea.  And, if you don’t feel like reading about it, then please, PLEASE just watch the video.  It is priceless.

Snoop through their site.  It is great.  Highly entertaining.  Well worth a distraction from work!

Eat Your Kimchi

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  1. 21 October 2008 12:04 am

    Oh My Word! No, not even funny. Just pass the Kimchi, please.

  2. 22 October 2008 10:08 am

    hi Lele! Sorry I haven’t been commenting lately. But I have been reading and am so excited about your brand new Korean adventure. SOunds fun with all the boozing already…

  3. eatyourkimchi permalink
    27 October 2008 3:31 pm

    Hey! Thanks for the link! That’s mighty kind of you. I’ll tell you something about the drunken Koreans video. They were so smashed that I didn’t even have to zoom in for that video. We were standing no more than 25 feet away, and they didn’t notice us. Now THAT’S how you get drunk.

    Anyhow, again, thanks for the kind words. We owe you a beer for that. Give us a shout and we’ll take you out to Rhythm and Booze, and tell you all that we know about Bucheon (and then some)


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