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Getting buff at the disco gym

28 October 2008

When you have no money, no friends, and nothing better to do, might as well spend time at the gym.  Besides cute Korean trainers, here’s what your local Bucheon gym will have to offer:

First, you get to wear uniforms.  No, you don’t have to buy them.  They are provided as you walk in and you return them when you are finished working out.  Black shorts and a gray, orange, or green shirt depending on weather you are doing aerobics, fitness, or golf.  Men, women- it doesn’t matter.  Everyone picks from the same pile. And, unbeknownst to you, you could be wearing the same shirt some smelly boy stunk up the day before.  Of course, they are washed, but if you think about the whole process, it can be kind of …disturbing?

You also get an initial orientation of the place, the machines, saunas and more.  But, because it is likely not a multi-lingual gym, the orientation may have some gaps.  Pantomiming is good.  Practice that.

A part of the orientation is what I have lovingly termed The Your Fat Test.  Pretty much it consists of taking off shoes and socks and standing on some sort of scale while grasping some sort of handles and holding that position for about 30 seconds.  Some sort of calculations are taken and you sit and have some sort of ‘talk’ about the results.

Again, lack of equitable language skills leaves some of this open for interpretation, but pretty much he is going to tell you you are fat.  Your fat percentage is too high.  Your BMI is too high.  Your hip to waste ratio is way off.  And, that you are a giagantor compared to all these tiny little Asians running around town.

(Don’t take this part seriously.  It is best to blame the whole overweight/fatty thing on spending a year in Europe and drinking all the beer Prague has to offer.)

The great thing is they will create a program for you to get ‘un-fat.’  And, they are great about keeping up on your progress and helping to make sure you are doing everything correctly as they watch your every single move.

Sometimes this is okay, because the trainers are pretty cute.  Especially the ones who rock the MUSCLE ACADEMY tees.

But, the gym is quite nice.  It’s got up to date training equipment (that The Your Fat Test machine you will stand on for 30 seconds is like magic!), there are TV’s everywhere, and no need to bring an MP3 player because they have music BLARING.  So loud you can’t even hear music if you did try to listen to your MP3 player. And, when there is an aerobics class it is super clubby as there are strobe lights and even a disco ball.

Friday nights at the gym…hot clothes, sweet music, and cute trainers.  I am so there.

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  1. Erin permalink
    29 October 2008 12:31 am

    No pictures of this?? ;)

  2. Megan permalink
    29 October 2008 2:38 am

    Yeah, I agree with Erin! I want pics!

  3. 29 October 2008 5:26 am

    This would get me to the gym.

  4. eatyourkimchi permalink
    29 October 2008 1:47 pm

    Good gym in Bucheon? Where’s this at? I checked out the gym at the Mall and membership was 100,000 won a month: three times more than what I’d regularly pay for a gym. You don’t go there, do you?

  5. 29 October 2008 11:39 pm

    Oh that I had your discipline..maybe it’s the lack of cute trainers.


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