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Warning: Chocolate makes dogs ‘run away’

18 November 2008

Yesterday, one of the 4th grade girls asked me if I could read her English diary and edit it for her.  I just read the following entry about a dog she used to see outside of a store here in town. She became friends with the dog and when the dog become pregnant and had puppies she was sad to see the puppies be sold off:

“I was so sad.  However I thought Arwronei was more upset because she lost her puppies.

So I gave her 10 chocolete bars and a milk to make her happy.  But the next day I have be told that Arwronei had run away.

I was sock to hear.”

As far as I understand it, chocolate and dogs don’t mix.  I have a feeling that the dog didn’t so much ‘run away’ as she was told, but instead that he may have gone to doggie heaven.  But, my role as English teacher doesn’t include explaining that part of a story to a 9 year old.

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