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24 November 2008

I have the distinct pleasure of meeting new students now that our English program is in full effect.  I have my own classroom and my own lesson plans and am fully responsible for the English these little monkeys learn when they are with me.

First things first, I have to learn their names.  This is quite a process.  The roster of my classes are first translated from Hangul (the Korean script) to English.  While I can read Hangul now, I usually pronounce the vowels slightly wrong and students giggle as no one can understand any of the names I call in my accent. 

To make this process easier, and more entertaining, we decide on everyone’s English name–  Like in Spanish classes in middle school when I was Margarita–  Some of my kids are named James, David, Amy or Sue while others chose names like Lusicia and Francescia (their choice and spelling).

And, to the others I made a list of girls and boys names, one for each letter of the alphabet so they could choose.  I now have an Ox and a Hank.  One of Anna’s boys prefers to go by Joy and another boy insisted on being called Janice…

Who is Margarita to disagree??

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