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2 December 2008

Last week one of my student’s, Amy, showed up to class in a ColoState sweatshirt.  She has never lived or traveled in the US so I was surprised to see that she was rocking my alma mater!  I surmise it is one of the mass produced sweatshirts sold in subway stations and malls that people buy all the time simply for the appeal of the English written word.

And, then there is the Denver bar/restaurant that I pass everyday as I go to and fro the gym.  Been in once or twice to enjoy some Czech beer, ironically.  Wanted to show them my CO ID so they understood I was from Denver, but it says Aurora so my attempt failed.

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  1. 3 December 2008 12:40 pm

    A couple of things I love hearing Korean people try to say.

    1 – Aurora. I had a student named Aurora once. Another student of mine said he hated her because of her name

    2 – “Do you love rough love?” – Impossible to say for many; results in either “do you ruff ruff ruff” or “do you lub lub lub.” Both results are hilarious.

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