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Korean Italian

5 December 2008

In Bucheon there are many, many restaurants.  Most of them are traditional Korean or Korean BBQ style and while those are good, sometimes it is nice to have a break from the kimchi and try something a little more pleasing to my palate.  So when I saw an Italian restaurant under construction on my walk from home to school I was stoked to say the least.

Three weeks ago it was a gutted space with only dry wall and concrete floors, but today it was the finished product suited for the grand opening of a fine dining Italian restaurant.

I couldn’t be happier to finish my Friday classes as this week the monkeys have been out of control and almost unbearable.  To add to the misery, it was ridiculously cold today so leaving school at dark Anna and I looked for the first place to duck in for some warmth and this new Italian restaurant was in our sights.

Korean Italian is some gooooooood stuff.  They treated us like first class citizens giving us free Spanish wine, wonderful bread (one loaf made with squid ink—soooooo yummy) and smiles all around creating such a warm feeling we didn’t want to leave.

Added bonus: they gave us a bottle of champagne to take home.

Only thing missing were Italians.

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