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7 December 2008

I woke up this morning and opened the curtains wide to the sight of big, beautiful, white snowflakes falling from the sky.  I was so excited I jumped and clapped.  Sadly, as soon I turned around to pour some tea it had stopped– and as soon as I finished my tea it had been melted by the sun.


So much like Colorado.

I was however, quite productive this weekend as I stayed in Bucheon and didn’t travel to Seoul.  I did some shopping, some reading, some yogaing, some relaxing, and most importantly some Christmas shopping and decorating.

Bucheon doesn’t have quite the Christmas flare that I found in Europe with the festive stalls selling trinkets and mulled wine- no Hungarians happily singing in the streets, no Germans clinking glasses, no Czechs selling Christmas carps.  I am waiting to be hit with the idea that Christmas is just 3 weeks away, but walking around town here, you’d have no idea (unless you walk into Starbucks and hear the music and drink out of the festive red cups! But, can’t sit in a Starbucks all day long as much as I might like to).

And, I find it somewhat ironic that the only Christmas cards I can find here in SoKo are ones written in English.  I simply want to send out some with Hangul script.  Shouldn’t that be easy to find here in SOUTH KOREA??

No Grinch here though…Still digging Christmas time!  Fa la la la la.

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