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10 December 2008

Many hazards this week.  Hair, teeth, children, bosses, colleagues… Here are the casualties:

-Anna went to get her hair colored at a salon that advertised English speak yet really only spoke Korean.  As a result, (after being there for FOUR hours and having her hair completely awash in chemicals over half that time) she now has Kirsten Dunst-Spiderman red hair– when it isn’t falling out in chunks.

-I went to the dentist for the FOURTH time for this damned tooth.  Was there for 2.5 hours only to hear I have to return twice more for indeterminate amount of times so that they can drill on a tooth that I am pretty sure isn’t even there any longer.

-One Korean colleague up and quit after she apparently decided that her dislike for children, schools and the English language had reached its max.  Unfortunately, those three things were key descriptors for her position.  She didn’t even say goodbye.  Just took her toothbrush and bailed.

-Another Korean colleague was sent to the hospital (which is where they go for the common cold so it isn’t as dramatic as it sounds) to have a camera shoved down her throat in order to spy on her stomach which has been acting up since she started this job a few months ago.  Apparently our Type A principal and/or these hyper-active students have given her acid reflux to a semi-serious degree.

Good thing we have a short week.  Us teachers are off for an overnight ‘retreat’ on Friday.   I hear the principal makes these things miserable, but Anna and I hope to ditch her and sneak off with the cool teachers and teach them important English words like ‘shot’ and ‘chug’ and ‘USA! USA!’

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