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Puppy love

13 December 2008

Dogs aren’t quite the Koreans favorite animal.  I do see some people who have some cute little dogs as their pets.  These dogs are usually walking their owners around town while wearing some colorful little sweater, but I don’t see nearly as many dogs as I did in the Czech Republic.

There is truth to the rumor that Koreans eat dog.  I have asked my colleagues about this and some of them have eaten dog, some haven’t.  It is a sort of specialty here and a somewhat expensive one at that.

This weekend when we were traveling around Incheon I saw several dogs- several dogs that didn’t seem to be treated as man’s best friend should be treated.  I asked my colleagues each time if these pooches were going to be eaten and they assured me not.

There were two dogs were tied up outside a restaurant/bar.  I went up to pet and say hello to them while my colleagues all stood back not sharing in my enthusiasm.  It was dark outside, but I noticed a unique ring around the dog’s eyes.  Upon a closer look, it seemed that someone had actually drawn on these dogs with some kind of marker!


Then, outside our restaurant/hotel that we stayed at for the night I saw this brood of dogs.  Each was tied to its own tree with its own dog house (or giant barrel as dog house) with about a 4 foot chain leash.  I went up to pet these dogs as my colleagues watched with a slight look of disgust that I was letting them lick my hands.  One pooch was super excited to be pet and loved, yet the one next to him was scared of his shadow and wouldn’t let me come near him.


And, then there was this cute little guy!  He was simply adorable and just the cutest puppy I have ever seen…until closer inspection and I saw how dirty this poor thing was as he was tied up alone and away from the other dogs who might help groom him and clearly wasn’t ever given a bath by the owners.  The fur on his nose was stained red from the kimchi I saw in his dog bowl.  Kimchi!!  Kelly said these folks most likely kept the dogs as a way to dispose of all the left overs from their restaurant…their SUSHI restaurant.

Definitely a cultural difference I don’t fully understand.

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  1. Nicole permalink
    14 December 2008 11:31 pm

    You need to steal one of those cuties and LOVE IT FOREVER!

  2. Megan permalink
    16 December 2008 8:13 am

    Thanks, now I’m crying!

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