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Eating sea creatures

15 December 2008

I had an opportunity to spend some quality time with my lovely colleagues during our retreat this weekend and was invited to do any and all things Korean from eating and drinking to speaking and singing to traveling and sleeping.  It was quite the experience- especially the food part of it all.

Our culinary experience started when we jumped on the bus to head out west to the Yellow Sea.  Colleagues were passing around various things like tangerines and bananas to snack on during the ride and then came a bag of dried squid.  Um, ok, but not something I would freely snack on.  I would prefer Cheetos.

After touring at various locations we made our way to our hotel which housed the restaurant where we were to eat dinner.  It was a Japanese sushi place with a beautiful view.  We were instantly welcomed with dishes upon dishes from the sea.

Besides this giant plate of fish, for which we were to make our own sushi, side dishes included oysters, clams, fried fish of some sort, grilled fish of another sort and many slimy things that I was encouraged to eat even though my colleagues couldn’t translate the names accurately yet insisted that they were all “good for my health.”  I would swear one was a plate of worms.

After a night of drinking and playing cards we were up bright and early and served a breakfast of spicy ass soup that had bits of squid in it with options of anchovies and dried shrimp as side dishes.  Always a nice welcome to a queasy stomach after a night of some drinking.

For lunch, we had more seafood–possibly leftovers from the night before as we were back at the sushi place.  This time though, we were offered some blow fish.  Actually, not some, but whole blow fish (sans the poisonous parts, I hope).

All that and a bumpy bus ride home does not make for a happy stomach.

The best though was a round of octopus tentacles during our first dinner.  These came out FRESH on a plate.  When our server set them down I saw one still moving and Ji Hyeong happily picked it up with his chopsticks, dipped it in sauce, and chomped it down.  While somewhat mortified, the few shots of Soju gave me liquid courage to do the same, so I stuck my chopsticks in and grabbed one of my own.  Surprisingly, it was quite good even if a little slimy and squirmy.

This was all very entertaining to Anna and I so I gave the plate a little stir to encourage the severed limbs to ‘wake up’ and filmed the rest for entertainment value.

Mixing all this seafood wasn’t a good idea.  I think I can feel it all swimming around in my stomach even now.

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  1. 25 December 2008 5:08 am

    No way Jose’! If something moves on the plate, forget the whole disgusting thing. The grilled meat showed possibilities ~~~~ I think.


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