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노레방 (-ing)

16 December 2008

The noraebang (aka- the karaoke bar).  This is what makes teachers retreats worthwhile.

It all started at dinner.  Homemade wine was shared, beers were opened, and Soju was shot.  And, everything was sparked from the moment Principal Lee (my boss) and her lackey, Jeong Hoon, started singing to the beat of their own drum.  I caught just the end of it, and if you watch this video you might feel like you downed a shot or two due to the unstable nature of my filming  capabilities.

It only got worse from here.  I had returned to our dining room from the bathroom when everyone started chanting my name.   The principal came up to me and commanded to me: SING!  Everyone’s cheers and hoots had me flustered and I looked at Anna and wondered how she escaped this horrible fate…But, lucky for me Principal Lee pulled her up as well, handed us some spoons to use as mics and picked up an empty rice tin and started clanking it together for a beat.

This is what they got:

Yeah.  So good, they were cheering “Encore!” there at the end!

We are elementary school teachers…what would you have come up with?!

Everyone wanted to go to karaoke soon after.  So we hopped on our bus and got it started there as it was fully loaded with thousands of songs, video screens, speakers and lights.  We sang our hearts out cruising 50km/hour down the streets and then took over a local noraebang to sing for hours more.

On the bus. Check out the lighting!

At the noraebang. Ji Hyeong was really into whatever he was singing.

It was all ridicously bad singing, yet ridiculously good times!

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  1. Megan permalink
    20 December 2008 2:45 am

    Love these videos, Lili! It makes me miss you so much!


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