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Shredin’ the Gnar

12 January 2009

“Skiing” in Korea is quite a trip.  I spent this past weekend at a resort in central SoKo called Muju.  A wonderful Korean friend named Wanyoung invited some of us waygooks to join him in his condo for the weekend to take advantage of his membership discounts, so we did just that.


Me, Allison, and Wanyoung: The ski crew

We rolled up to Muju Resort on Saturday afternoon just in time to get some night skiing in.  This resort has approximately 10 lifts and possibly 20 runs and a max height of maybe 8,000 meters.  Essentially, it is a mole hill compared to Summit County.  And, in this limited space, millions of people are crammed in to zig-zag across the mountain and try not to run into each other.

Lines are long, runs are short and narrow, snow is man-made, and the range of difficulty goes from green to an easy blue labeled “double black diamond.”


The resort rents pants and jackets to folks like me, but these guys definitely brought their own gear.

Despite all this, it was a damn good time.  Not having skied last season I was stoked just to go.  And, it was a blast.

We did some night skiing on Saturday and attempted to make a day out of Sunday.


From the top of the lift. Right before I whitewashed myself and opened a yard-sale.

Shredin’ the gnar-gnar.  Can’t wait to do it again.

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  1. Jursty permalink
    13 January 2009 1:55 am

    Awesome. That actually looked like copper during the holidays. I think I rode piggyback on some skiers down the mountain.

    Moar Pics plz.


  2. megin permalink
    16 January 2009 4:34 am

    Badass I think i had that same outfit in the mid 80’s as the guy in the far right…except mine had a little pink and green on the sleeves…haha…

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