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He’s Dancing in Korean

14 January 2009

I have been told that I am a crappy blogger of late.  I thought some people, like Mikayla, would appreciate the way I responded to that complaint.

But, I am not prepared to do that for everyone that tells me how horrible I have been at keeping in touch lately…that would be a lot of people.

So, this is my apology.  I am sorry!  I miss and love you all, just don’t have the energy to muster up anything creative for you.  Soon!  Soon.

PS– All I wanted to do was post a video here for you to enjoy but as is with my blogging abilities, it ain’t workin’...

Steven Colbert had a Korean pop star on his show last year and they had a dance off.  You have to watch it.  The pop star’s name is Rain. He’s totally awesome and dreamy and soooo cute (so says my students…and maybe I agree a little bit.)

Check it out here.  He’s dancing in Korean.

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