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19 January 2009

I am on a mission to get me a new camera.  I have a CyberShot but want to take my photog skills to the next level and invest in a DSLR.  If there is one place in Korea to make such a purchase, it is at Yongsan Electronics Market.

This place is a utopia for all things technological and electronic.  There are maybe 20 buildings and maybe 20 billion stores and kiosks selling everything from iPods to cameras to washing machines to tvs and everything imaginable inbetween.

I went Saturday to check it out.  It was madness.  I was completely overwhelmed not only by the quantity of stuff, but by the many cat calls of the salesmen coming at me from every corner:

“Hey! Best quality, lowest price!”

“You want, a camera?  Come to me, I give you best deal.”

“What you look for, pretty lady?”

I would stop off and talk to one guy who would sell me a “kit” for the best deal of 650,000W only to be harangued by next salesclerk who overheard and would then offer me really the best deal of 300,000W.

I finally sat down with one guy who could explain to me well enough in English what I should look for and got on with me to show me what I would pay for this or that in the States.  I was grateful for his information, but when I told him I wasn’t going to buy that day (which, mind you, I told him at the start) he got all huffy and put-out and I bounced.

I don’t know crap about DSLR’s and I am a horrible haggler. I am totally going to get taken.

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