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Scissor Fights

22 January 2009

I really can’t think of a better way for this winter camp to culminate than with two of my boys getting into a scissor fight and nearly slicing fingers off one another.

Of course, Lori Teacher wasn’t in the room at the time because she was off getting paper for those monkeys of hers that ‘forgot’ to bring paper to Arts & Crafts class even though they have been asked to bring the same materials for 3 weeks straight…but as I returned from my 30 second jaunt to my office, the class was eerily quiet.

“What’s going on?”  I asked sheepishly with hands on my hips.  My students have taken to drawing “Super Lori” on the board ever since our Super Hero day and have fits of the giggles every time I finally spy “Super Lori” with bunny ears or enhanced anatomy or, more than once, standing over a steaming pile of poo.

No “Super Lori” insight I surveyed their silenced faces and noticed their eyes screaming the secret that something bad had happened.

Then I saw the blood.

Then I saw the kid with the stark white face looking at his hand covered in blood.

I rushed him down the hall to the bathroom, grabbed my new colleague, Mr. Lee (day 4 on the job for him), to assist the semi-fingerless child,  and followed the path of blood back to class.

Students still silent.

“Everyone in here still have 10 fingers?” I ask.

Scan room to another stark white student with bloody hands and repeated scenario above.

Everyone else’s digits in tact, they eagerly told me of how Jong Hoon did this and James did that but I still don’t know what happened.

One went to the hospital and returned with his mother who screamed bloody murder at the other kid when I think it was her kid who most likely started it all.

Either way, everyone is ok and tomorrow is Friday.  I hope someone brings a knife.

Ha!  Just kidding!

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