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Korean “방”

30 January 2009

One of the conveniences of Korea is the abundance of 방 (bangs). Roughly translated to ‘room,’ walking down an average street here in SoKo you will find any number of 방 to suit your needs for almost any event:

Norae 방: Ah, the most popular, perhaps. The karaoke rooms. Amazing songs sung by crappy singers. Big screen, bad beer, and disco balls included.

PC 방: These bangs are all about computers. You can go here to check your email or get your dose of The Facebook, or if you are like my students, you can go here and play video computer games until your eyes bleed.

DVD 방: These are most popular for Korean couples who separately live at home with their parents and need some ‘alone time.’ It is a private room for DVD watching…among other things I’ve heard.

Jim Jil 방: The public saunas where folks go to detoxify. Hot tubs, cool tubs, hot saunas, massages, exfoliants, lounging areas and more. Added bonus: all this is done in the nude. (This picture is one of a family jim-jil-bang where uniforms are provided for the common areas.)

Bangs are certainly unique to Korea culture, but make for such interesting experiences.


I stole all these pictures from all over the Internets so please do not implicate any of these people in the acts I describe above.

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