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31 January 2009

Trying so hard to write something interesting for you but clearly failing miserably.

The were fun though, right?

Yeah, they weren’t, I know.

How about some random deep thoughts about Korea?

-Koreans are incredibly nice people. My colleague, Helen, regularly calls Anna and I to make sure we are ‘happy’ in Bucheon and that we are ‘making friends.’

-I’ve found the secret to the Korean figure. They don’t eat sweets. Their deserts and pastries are all stuffed with red beans, not chocolate as I thought. One bite of that is plenty.

-I am currently torn about my feelings of public transportation. It is super cheap and goes everywhere, but takes forever and is often over crowded. Currently, I am missing my car.

-Pizza Hut is in Korea, but is totally Korean style pizza. This includes slapping some corn and potatoes on just about every type of pizza along with choices of seafood and/or kimchi toppings.

-Koreans don’t want to be tan for that signifies lower-class farmer types. Therefore, whitening cream is everywhere. Anytime I buy nail polish or mascara I get a free sample of face whitener.

-Koreans are not blonde, nor do many of them want to be. When a waygook like me goes to get her hair highlighted, like I did a couple days ago, it turns out YELLOW with a hint of orange and not at all blended.

-Shopping in Korea is ubiquitous and super cheap. If I could fit into the clothing and shoes that I see at every turn when I leave my house then I would be broke but with an incredibly fun closet.

Ok- great. This should suffice you until Super Bowl Sunday is over and you are all bored at work again on Monday :)

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  1. Megan permalink
    5 February 2009 1:37 am

    Based on how they view white skin, this Pollock would be like royalty over there.

    Is Bucheon close to Exuma? I think it is. Therefore, let’s meet us this weekend!

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