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Language Exchange

9 February 2009

I am making a true and valiant attempt to learn the Korean language here and this is currently aided by two of my Korean colleagues called Sue and Hong.

We have been diligently meeting each week for our lessons.  After our long day at work we make our way to the Starbucks near school and order a latte and talk about our days (in English).  Then, we study English slang from a book I bought for the girls to study from.  Their English is quite good so now we get into learning phrasal verbs and idioms.

Useful phrases such as: “Let’s chow.”  “He’s loaded.”  “Make a beeline for the door.” “Whatever.” “Cool beans.”

(I checked the publication date–early 90’s.)

After a few chuckles at the horrible dialogue and ridiculous expressions, we usually decide to go for something to eat.  This is where I get my Korean cultural lesson as we have never hit the same restaurant twice and always have the best Korean food I’ve had yet.

The girls bought me a book as well and we do spend time going over some of the lessons in it, although that is the minority in our lessons.  Out of our typical 3 hour ‘lesson dates’ I would say we spend about 20 minutes on actual Korean and 30 minutes laughing at outdated English expressions from the book and 2 hours talking crap about how cold our school is, discussing differences in our culture, and BSing about everything else.

So, while I do have lessons each week to learn Korea I think it is going to be a loooooooooooooong time before I can actually say anything intelligent in Korean.

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