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Kissy Kissy

13 February 2009

It is Valentine’s Day tomorrow.  And, even in Korea it is a holiday full of chocolate, candies, cards, and looooooove.

Here, however, V-day is an event that is separated into three different dates.

On February 14th girls are to give their loves chocolates and other goodies (my colleague’s husband requested some beef jerky in lieu of chocolate).

Then, on March 14th, the boys reciprocate.  Hopefully.

And, just so no one is left out, on April 14th all those single folks who missed out on the first two dates get together and commiserate about loves lost or denied and drink away their sorrows.

Lovely, eh?

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  1. Denae permalink
    18 February 2009 8:58 pm

    Yes, heated floors. Too bad we don’t have that here….at least not as far as I know. We still have to take our shoes off though and the floor is freaken cold. All we have are kerosene heaters that can kill you without proper vinalation(sp?). I guess the fumes are deadly… we have to open the windows when we use the heaters….how does that makes sense?

    Heated floors seems like a good idea, considering heat rises. Enjoy your warm floor!!!

  2. Denae permalink
    18 February 2009 9:00 pm

    I responded to the wrong post…he he. It must be the kerosene fumes getting to me….

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